Victoria Amber
Teen Pregnancy

I’m 18 years old. Living with my boyfriend. I attend high school. & I”m happier than EVER before.

On 4/16/12 I found out I expecting a little one. <3 <3 

I am sooo excited to be a mommy. :D

But Teen Pregnancy is horrible, a blessing; just as any other baby. Age does not matter.

Babies are a blessing from God. If God didn’t want this to happen it wouldn’t have happened. But it does.

Maturity level does not go by age, because to be honest how many of you know adults that at like 15 year olds? & how many of you have met young people that have been through hell and back and are the strongest people you know? Just because we’re young doesn’t mean we aren’t ready for children.  

So before you judge another pregnant teen, use your noggin. You know what the couple is willing to make public, not the inside story. 


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